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Special Egal Coloring Assistant For Dispers Painting

Disperse dyeing, total hardness, bicarbonate and iron, copper ions allows to be done smoothly in high cases. It is used as an ion scavenger, equalizer and disperser, acid regulator and pH buffer.

DECACID SAB- Custom egal painting assistant for dispersing painting


pH adjustment and buffering feature

pH adjustment and it is used without buffering acetic acid.

The bath buffers the pH between 4.0 and 6.0.


Ion scavenger property

It starts calcium, magnesium salts and iron copper ions.

It prevents staining on the surface of the fabric with the effect of keeping the impurities soluble.

It provides an ideal environment for homogeneous dyeing.


Dispersing and Leveling Properties

By increasing the solubility of dyestuffs, it prevents crashes and object removal.

It prevents abrage in dyeings with dispersion problem dyes which are difficult to dissolve due to their structure and cause abrage.

It can also be used to correct faulty dyed fabrics.


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