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Decopol Reactive - Egal Dyeing Agent for Reactive Dyeing

Reactive dyeing of cellulosic fibers and their blends; improved to ensure uniform dyeing, Increases process safety and dyeing repeatability; egal painting assistant

Decopol® Reagent
Egal Dyeing Agent for Reactive Dyeing
Reactive dyeing of cellulosic fibers and their blends; developed to ensure smooth painting,
Increases poses safety and reproducibility of dyeing;
Egal painting assistant


► Decopol Reactive is a foamless special aid produced for reactive dyed natural and regenerated cellulosic fibers and their blends.
► It ensures process safety and color reproducibility for accurate production in one go.
► The product is suitable for all reactive dyes and process conditions, regardless of machine type.
► Decopol Reactive is a harmonious combination of specially selected leveling agent, buffering agent, anti-breakage agent, sequester and dispersing and antifungal agents.
► Its leveling effect keeps the dye extraction and dye fixation speed under control, especially in the alkaline dosing phase. It does not affect the paint yield and color tone.
► In addition, it indirectly supports dye aspiration in the adsorption phase (after adding salt). As a result, linear dosing is possible in 5 minutes if dye is desired.
► With its buffering feature, it prevents imbalances in the initial pH caused by very weak and very strong acids. It eliminates the effect of bicarbonates, which have a negative effect on the fixation efficiency of the dye coming from water, on the pH.
► It provides much better paint yield, especially since it helps the alkaline to increase the pH value of the environment to the fixed value.
► By providing all these effects in the process, the boiler differences in the dyes are eliminated.
► In bobbin dyeing, this amount is useful in improving dye penetration, especially in cross-wound, CV filment or linen yarns.
► Sequester and protective colloid effect eliminates slump problems due to insufficient pre-treatment of natural cellulose fiber or Cel/Elestan mixtures, poor or unstable water quality in reactive dyeing.
► When the cellulosic fiber is to be dyed from the raw material, it starts and removes the hardly soluble or almost insoluble compounds attached to the natural fiber, which is especially important.
► Helping disperse and dye dissolution provides a great advantage when using phtalocyanin-based large molecule dyes such as blue, green, turquoise.
► There is no need to use acid, ion scavenger and paint dispersant, solvent in the paint inlet.
► Prevents silicate and bicarbonate precipitation on fibers and machinery.
► It destroys all mold coming from fabric or other sources.
► Suitable for automation.


Against leveling problems that may be caused by variables such as water, fabric quality, type of dye used (cold or hot reagents),

1 - 2 g/l Decopol Reagent is used.

The usage rate is sufficient in the most difficult conditions.

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