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DECOLIN DC - Paint Efficiency Regulator

It is used in all bathrooms where it is necessary to prevent errors caused by calcium, magnesium, iron and copper ions. With 1 g / l DECOLIN DC; even in a total of 15 German hard environments, trouble-free painting can be achieved.

Reagent, disperse, nylon, acrylic paints and ion scavengers for all washing baths, dispersing, dye-heater auxiliary leveler.



DECOLIN DC should be preferred in particular situations;

When water hardness is more than 30 ; all washes,

When the hardness that the fabric gives to the water is more than 5 0, dyeing baths,

When the hardness of salt is more than 50, all dyes,

When the total hardness in the bath is more than 50 , all dyes, 

In case of paint crashes,

When low fastness,

When low fastness,

Elimination of moire on the fabric surface,


In cases where the staining matte; DC; 0,2 and 1,5 g/l used.



It binds Ca2 +, Mg2+ salts and Fe3 +, Cu2 +  ions from cotton, water and salt.

Colloids formed by the ions that bind to the flotte allows to be thrown out with high stability colloid formation effect

Prevents stains on fabric surface with the effect of keeping the impurities high in the suspension. 

Provides an ideal environment for homogeneous dyeing.

Dispersing property ; It have effects  the crystallization prevention and cross blocking. (threshold effect)

On the fiber and machine parts privent crashes in the silicates and bicarbonate. 

It is iron ions and, prevents hydrolysis and precipitation of dyes.

It does not interfere with dyes for metal complexes

It does not affect the structure, attraction and fixing properties of dyes.

It does not form foam although it does not contain antifoam.

It not recommended used in the bleaching bath.



It is given to the bath before the dye solution 

Dyeing baths      ; 0,2 and 0,8 ml/l,

Wash baths        ; 0,2 and 0,4 ml/l,


DECOLIN® DC Activity Analysis

This information is presented in the proceedings of the 1st National ÇUKUROVA TEXTILE CONGRESS 99, 533-542.Compiled from.


General Feature

Total Hardness Binding Strength (1 g/l DECOLIN® DC)

~ 11 °d

Iron Binding Power (1 g/l DECOLIN® DC

~ 75 mg

Active pH range  

pH : 2 - 12

Reactive Dyeing Compatibility


Disperse Staining Compatibility


Precipitation Prevention Power


Dyestuff Precipitation Power


Change with Temperature

No change

Separation of Dyestuff Metal


Dyestuff Hydrolysis



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