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Alkalin Cotton - Alkaline Buffer Solution

It is used as buffer instead of Soda in cotton and viscous dyeings.It is preferred because it is safer and more efficient than soda.

Alkali® Cotton - Special Buffer Character Melt Alkali 

It is developed for smooth and highly efficient dyeing.

Becomes liner pH rise when used with dosage. It does not cause a problem due to the sudden rise in pH.

It can increase the pH to 11.2 when required.

It does not cause excessive pH rise due to buffer structure. It cannot reach pH: 13 even if it is used more than 50%.

It creates a buffer system at the set ideal pH and minimizes the pH change.
A strong buffer structure prevents bicarbonate-induced pH drops.

Ideal for uncolored colors. The required pH for the dye fixation is reached.

The color is more than vivid and bright.

It is used in the bleaching of sensitive fibers.

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