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SuperSoda - Best Helper for Secure Operations

Soda with strong basic buffer of some chemicals, obtained under high pressure and temperature, is a Soda molecule of complex/polymer structure.1.7 Ton SuperSoda is enough for 10 Ton Soda.

Polymerized Super Soda Molecule TM


Soda with strong basic buffer of some chemicals, obtained under high pressure and temperature, is a Soda molecule of complex/polymer structure. SuperSoda is a completely single molecule and is a commercially concealed complex soda polymer with a formula labeled SuperSoda.


Cotton dyeing is now more economical and safe!
1.7 Ton SuperSoda is enough for 10 Ton Soda!


The complex polymer Super Soda molecule is at your disposal!




SuperSoda Advantages


Painting and Baking Advantages


-        When linear dosing is used, the pH rises linearly.


-        PH changes during staining with soda and caustic alkalis,  With Super Soda, the pH remains constant even if the temperature changes during staining. During dyeing, pH does not decrease and remains constant.


-        It does not hit the fabric like caustic alkalis. It is also used in viscose dyeing.


-        The dosage may be with or without soda.  It is dosed in 15 minutes alone and in 25 minutes with Soda.


-        Consumption is low. 100 kg 7% recipe for 20 kg of soda; 3 kg Soda + 2,7 kg SuperSoda is used.


-        It can also be used in high concentration viscose mercerization.


-        It does not cause precipitation in hard water such as soda and caustic alkalis.


-        It can be used for cooking with soda.


-        It is easily soluble and significantly increases the solubility of the paint.


-        Compatible with all other chemicals.


Washing Advantages


-        Sodadan çok daha kolay çözünür ve soda gibi boyama ile zor çözünen bir hal almaz. Y�kamada sodaya göre en az 2 banyo tasarruf sa�lar. Yüksek çözünürlük ve dü�ük tüketimi nedeni ile boyama sonras� y�kamalarda kolayca kuma�tan uzakla��r.


Labor and Stock Advantages


-        More soluble than soda,  crafting is easy. Since it is liquid, it is very easy to carry and use.


-        100% liquid in form. It does not freeze in the cold. Stocking is seamless.


-        SuperSoda is very easily soluble in water. No need to heat.


-         It requires much less stock than soda.


-        Term sold and available in 120-liter drums.


This chemical yarn is especially recommended for dyeing. It has a high impact on engine power and fiber quality.




SuperSoda has enough operational trials.

Super results; you can see by trying your own terms.




Usage Rates According to Paint Percentage

It is used as SuperSoda + Soda due to its buffer character.
When used alone, the following SuperSoda values are multiplied by two.




SuperSoda® only wins!


Colin Chemicals Inc. He developed a new polymer soda that was used less in place of soda in textile dyeing and had no problems like soda. With the same properties as the chemical soda used in reactive dyeing; does not contain the disadvantages of soda.




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