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Decowet BS - Bleach Yield Regulator

It is used instead of ion scavenger and peroxide stabilizer in bleaching baths for finishing cotton and its blends.Cleans the fabric by 90% after bleaching.(Total hardness and excess metal ions.)

Usage of Amylase Enzyme

Cotton residues degraded by the enzyme amylase and other contamination with cotton, reduces enzyme activity.

With DecoZym® Efect these residues are kept in water and removed from the fabric.

It regulates the activity of the enzyme by providing a constant pH environment during the enzyme process.

After enzyme process the bathroom is emptied, dyeing can be entered without adjusting the pH.

Since enzymes are affected by acetic acid, activity is lost.

With DecoZym® Efect no loss of enzyme activity occurs.

DecoZym® Efect increases the activity of enzymes by enabling them to work easily on the fabric due to its high hydrophilicity.

Acids and buffering agents in DecoZym® Efect do not affect the structure of enzymes.

It provides the wetting of the product in a short time with its excellent wetting ability.

It keeps the impurities in cotton in the bathroom.


Use of

It can be delivered to the enzyme bath without dilution.

Dilution is recommended.

Easily soluble when added to water.


The amount of use in enzyme baths;

0,3 and 0,6 g / lt DecoZym® Efect


In hair removal process;

DecoZym® Efect is applied to the bath before the enzyme.

DecoZym® Efect is a mixture of surfactants developed for hair removal.

DecoZym® Efect provides excellent wetting during the process.


In the peroxide decomposition process;

In the peroxide removal process; The enzyme is given to the bath before the pH value of the environment is adjusted and provides an ideal environment for the process.


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