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Decopol EDP - No Pretreatment Requiring Dye Adjuvant for Dark Colors

Non-pretreatment dye adjuvant for dark reactive cotton dyeings.



Before dyeing, the fabric is treated with Decopol EDP in a bath for a while.

It enables reactive dyeing without the need for bleaching before dyeing.

It prevents contaminations affect the dyeing negatively during the process.

Decopol EDP is a special foam-free auxiliary which has produced for natural and regenerated cellulosic fibers and their mixtures that can be dyed reactively.

It provides process security and color repeatability in order to make proper production at one time.

The material is suitable for all reactive dyes and dyeing processes regardless of the type of the machine.

Especially because it helps alkaline to increase the pH of the environment up to the fixed value, it provides much better dyeing efficiency.

There is no need to use acid, beam bender or dye distributor/dissolvent.

It prevents silicate and bicarbonate residues on fiber and machine appurtenances.

It destroys all the muff that comes from the fabric or other sources.

It is suitable for automation.



For the problems can be caused by the variables such as water, quality of the fabric, type of dye used (cold or hot reactive)

0,5-2 g/l  Decopol EDP used.

This amount shouldn’t be increased unless the conditions are very tough.

You can use the product in the range of 1-4 g / l without any problem.


New era in dark reactive dyeing?

DecoJet System without painting?


Process                         Time

Pretreatment:         20 minute

Dyeing:                   130 minute

Washing:                  70 minute

Softening:                 20 minute

Total:                       240 minute

Safe, fast and economical painting with minimal chemical use?

Pretreatment with DECOPOL EDP,
Efficient and safe dyeing with salt and SuperSoda dosage,

Fast and clean washing with DecoClean?

Softening process with softener?



Advantages of DecoJet System



according to the process

Cooking up

according to the process


according to the process

Saving on water
(Based on the number of bathrooms.)

% 45

% 40

% 33

Saving on time 
(Based on total process time.)

380 min / 240 min
% 36

330 min / 240 min

% 27

330 min / 240 min

% 27

Saving on electric
(Based on process time.)

% 36

% 27

% 27

DecoJet System; Colorless painting technique

For preparation dyeing in the textile; the main purpose of the under-dye bleaching operations done by the names of cooking, bleaching or sugar casings; from impurities cotton the purge and to prepare hydrophilicity for dyeing.

For reducing from production cost the more economic in the dark color and with the DecoJet System, which is based on the principle of non-casing dying as a result of the studies carried out for faster painting desired results are obtained.


In the DecoJet System; 

The process is connected to the bath by giving DECOPOL EDP. 

After dye dosing, Super Soda (instead of soda) is used with salt. Washings are performed only at DecoClean. 

The softening process is started without the need for a fixator.


With DecoJet No System bleaching, no pretreatment, no additional chemical treatment.

Decopol EDP 
No dye pre-treatment for dark colors.
It provides hydrophilicity before dyeing and reduces the hardness and pollution of the fabric.

Super Soda

Polymerized complex soda at adjusts the pH of the medium to ideal value with a linear pH increase and ensures that the pH remains constant throughout the process.

Effective Washer for Reactive Dyeing

Antifungal, Acid Adjustable, Foamless, Silicone Free,

Organic / Inorganic Washer


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