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Effective Washer for After Reactive Dyeing

Produced to develop a process where colors do not deteriorate, minimizing worker errors.With DecoClean, the washings are of the same quality.Colors do not deteriorate.This product does not contain chloric or sulfuric acid.Analytically tested.

For after reagent dye, what can be expected from a washer to clean?

Or what would you expect if you wanted a Colin-quality washer?

At the beginning of the wash, it should adjust the pH,

Since washing at different pH values at different times is not the same, washing gives different results. However, if the pH is always the same value, washing is the same value at all times for color.

Keep pH constant during washing,

Each bath will not have a separate pH due to bicarbonate, and washing; soda + soap will not have bad effect on the color until washing.

Do not contain detergent, solvent, soap,

Washing agents containing detergent, solvent or soap, not to leave the fabric after washing process; they may form white or colored stains in softening. Surfactants precipitate as calcium soap at high pH.

In the wash bath; it can be ion holder,

Washer matter, since ion heads, from fabric or water with calcium ions hard to solve soap, �t cannot create the calcium soap. 

 Replace dirt in the  house, dye/soda/ salt clear the remains,

Classic soap, dirty house (mud, oil, food stain,  sweat, etc.) cleans. Since none of these exist after reactive staining y�kay�c� activities; just soda residue, �t should act to remove dye hydrolysates and salt residues.

It should not affect the color at all temperatures.,

Soaps distort the colors due to the surfactants (such as labsa, SLS, SLES) they contain. As in the structure changes at high temperatures, �n general, there is a change in activities in the form of reduced effect. The washer must not undergo any change of effect even at high temperatures.

It Should Facilitate Controlled Wash,

In wash; controls such as pH of the medium, amount of soap, temperature, the hardness of the medium are long and require expertise. These are difficult to adjust individually in the washing environment and cost is high. However, these are the basic conditions for washing the same quality.

Reduce the share of worker error on quality, 

pH adjustment, hardness control, high-temperature pH control, removal of soap after washing is under worker control. Measurement and control of this are costly as well as job loss. The washing agent should not require this.

It should not form mold when the process is finished,

After the washing or waiting after the garment process, the fabrics are decomposed due to the natural mold structure. The washer should prevent them.


For more; DecoClean®  

Effective Washer for Reactive Dyeing

Acid-Adjustable, Antifungal Effect, Foamless, Silicone-Free, Organic / Inorganic Washer
Not soap for trouble-free washing; DecoClean the used!


- There is also no need to use acid or pH buffering and ion scavengers. When using DecoClean®, no pH measurement is required at the washing inlet.
- Since washing is carried out continuously at the same pH, color changes caused by washing are minimized.
- It cleans paint, salt, and alkali residues in the best way without using soap.
- It removes the hydrolyzed dyestuffs and removes them from the bath.
In normal washings, during the washing period, pH increases in hot (80 ° C and above) due to bicarbonate, For washing with DecoClean or DecoClean S, the pH remains constant. The washing takes place in an acidic/neural environment.
- Prevents silicate and carbonate precipitation on fiber and machine components.
- Eliminates all molds from fabrics or other sources.
- It does not cause calcium soap formation due to water and fabric hardness.
- It has a chemical structure that can easily move away from the fabric, does not leave a residue. Even if it is reduced, there is no side effect for further processing.
- Suitable for automation.
- Developed for the solution of washing problems, proven effect.


Use of

- It is used without acetic acid and soap.
- The usage rate should be adjusted according to the percentage of paint.
- Average usage rate: 0,3-1,0 ml/l,
- Light color:        0,3 g/l,
- Medium color:  0,6 g/l,
- Dark color:          1,0 g/l used. 


How to use DecoClean®?

 Sample Process

Bathroom drain

Overflow from reactive dyeing

Rinse;  60oC - 10 minute

Neutralization with acetic acid or formic acid

Washing / Soaping;  90o C, 20-minute wash
1,0 g/l DecoClean  - the pH must be adjusted to an acidic environment. (Cannot use the water and soap)

Rinse;  80o C 10-minute wash
Last Rinse 60o C 15 minute wash

(If necessary, it is usually not required.)


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