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COLINOR AB - Bicarbonate Remover for Washing and Dyeing Baths

It is a strong acidic aid with acid buffer which can prevent the precipitation of natural bicarbonate from water and high collapse in alkaline environment. Prevents bicarbonate damages in reactive and disperse dyes. Provides pH stability by breaking

It is possible to prevent bicarbonate errors easily!


PH decrease in reactive dyeing, pH rise with temperature in disperse dyeing, seasonal variation of colors in the same recipe, mismatch of washes, white precipitates, moire? 

The above-mentioned errors that adversely affect color yield and dyeing quality and often require repetition or additional processing and the use of COLINOR AB is an important preventative for whitening problems.


Some bicarbonate errors?

-Precipitation of calcium bicarbonate and magnesium bicarbonate in bleaching,

-Calcium Silicate, Magnesium Silicate precipitations in bleaching or hot processes,

-Even if bleaching is done with soft water, the bleaching bath has an average hardness of 30 ° due to the hardness coming from the fabric.

-Deposits may occur in the dyebath.

-Precipitates of Calcium Bicarbonate and Magnesium Bicarbonates in hot rinses and washes,

-Soaps used for better results in washing, generally it does not have high hardness strength.

-Generally, white stains increase after such soaps.

-Generally, after precipitation, precipitation is common.



COLINOR AB exactly to solve these problems!


-It breaks down the bicarbonate.

-It is used instead of acetic acid to adjust the pH of the washing and dyeing baths.

-No other adjusting or buffering chemicals are required.

-It keeps the pH value constant in the bath during the process.

-It prevents washing at high ph-value and maintains color strength and color vividness.

-In disperse dyeing, it provides stable pH in the acid environment even at high temperature during dyeing.

-Does not interact with dyes. Free of sulfuric or chloric acid.

-Does not form foam. It does not contain additives.

-Since there is no bicarbonate in dyeing and washing, it makes a big contribution to the right products for the first time.

-It is economical compared to the products of equivalent quality class.


*Analytical which can be tested.

*You can request the test method from our company together with the sample.

*You can easily determine the sulfuric or chloric acid content of a chemical with our Testonic Test Kits. (www.testonic.net)


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