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OxiActive - Combined Bleaching Material for Viscose

It is used for whitening viscose fabrics in delicate structure.

Peroxide bleaching with OxiActive gives a good whiteness without fiber damage.

It is used instead of caustic, ion-holding and peroxide and peroxide stabilizer.

Caustic peroxide bleaches give a softer touch.

Viscose and its mixtures do not rely on caustic bleaching. Not enough whiteness can be obtained in bleaching with soda.

With the OxiActive WB, excellent whiteness and touch is achieved.

Reduce the damage caused by the gauze in the gauze.

Prevents colors from flowing together in colored fabrics.

It can also be used in hard water.

It provides ease of use and stock saving as auxiliary material decreases.

Developed for the solution of washing problems, the effect is proven.


Use of

OxiActive WB should be dissolved in 5-30oC of water with 5 times water. It is easy to dissolve and the solution lasts for a long time.

The use amount can be changed according to the quality of viscose fiber.

Peroxide removal should be done after bleaching.


Sample prescription

OxiActive WB: 3-4 g/l

Hydrogen peroxide: 2-6 g/l (50%)

Temperature: 90 - 98 oC,

Time: 45-60 min

Flotte: 1/10


After being treated with OxiActive WB bath for 10-15 minutes, the peroxide should be added to the bath.

Use with OxiActive WB gloves and goggles as it contains strong alkali.


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