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OxiActiveC - Special Aid Mateial for Viscous Case at Low Temperature

It is used to clean and whiten viscose without deforming and releasing sulfur in safe conditions and low temperatures.

Bleaching viscose has never been easier!

Now, in safe conditions, without deforming the viscose and without releasing sulfur, it is possible to clean and whiten viscose!



Viscous Whitening is Harmless.

Viscose; The polymer chain lengths are shorter than the polymer chains of the cotton fiber.

Therefore, their structure is deteriorated in high temperature and strong alkaline environment.

At low pH and temperature Viscose is better bleached without deforming.

It removes sulfur.

It contains sulfur due to the sulfur compound used in the production of viscose.

With OxiActive C, the residual sulfur can easily be removed.

Thus, sulfur can be removed without the use of additional chemical to remove sulfur.

It does Not Create Strength Loss And Broken.

OxiActive C has no such damage because it is activated at low temperature.

Does not create fractures.

Saves Energy and Time.

OxiActive is an oxidative bleach that is activated at C 50oC. There is also no need to add peroxide and alkali.

It does not deform the fibers. In Lycra / Viscose blends, Lycra fiber is not damaged, does not lose its flexibility.

It does not require the use of alkali, peroxide, ion-holding and stabilizers. Due to its special formula, it does not require the use of alkali, peroxide, ion-holding and peroxide stabilizers in viscose bleaching.


Use of

It is given to bleach bath after wetting.

The use amount can be changed according to the quality of viscose fiber.


A sample prescription

OxiActive C: 1,5-3,5 g / l,

Series wetting: 0.5-1.0 g / l,

Temperature: 45-60 oC

Time: 45-60 min


Peroxide removal should be done after bleaching.

OXIACTIVEC® VB is soluble in water at any rate.


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